2023 Dodge Demon 170

Unlock your inner demon and experience the thrill!

The mind blowing 2023 Dodge Demon 170 is the fastest and most powerful muscle car ever produced in Dodge’s 100-plus-year history. The power and performance to say the least is KICK@$$. With limited production of this final “Last Call” special-edition model only 300 will be released in Canada and one is here at Denham Chrysler Jeep in Lloydminster.

The Devil’s in the Design

The 2023 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon 170 is the industry’s fastest purpose built and street-legal production drag car. This vehicle has been developed to dominate at the drag strip and to rewrite the boundaries of performance on the street. To achieve this goal, all aspects of the vehicle have been re-tuned and re-engineered. Your Dodge SRT Demon 170 is the most powerful Dodge ever, with industry-first drag performance features that puts this car in a league of its own.

The Demon 170 by the Numbers

1025 total horsepower at 6500 rpm

945 lb/ft of torque at 4200 rpm

0-60mph in a blazing 1.66 seconds

The highest g-force acceleration of any production car at 2.004 Gs

History's first-ever eight-second factory muscle car 8.91-seconds ET at 151.17 mph

Key Performance Features

• Flex Fuel Capability: The engine is designed to run on premium gasoline and – for maximum power output - ethanol-blended fuel. The detected ethanol percentage is displayed in the instrument cluster and engine power is adjusted automatically. • TransBrake™ 2.0: A second generation of TransBrake™ that allows the driver to configure and select from multiple launch torque profiles to match the engine’s power delivery to the specific track condition. • SRT Power Chiller: Diverts the A/C refrigerant to the supercharger for cooler air intake temperatures to achieve maximum power output. • Three drive modes, which allow a driver to change or customize a full menu of performance variables to maximize engine response and personality.

Get ready for the ultimate adrenaline rush and discover this beast for yourself!

PRICE: $300,000 (+tax)

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